• We will help you to sell or rent your properties. Buying new home including arranging financing and insurance, can now be done quickly and HANEX GROUP will help you.

  • HANEX GROUP works with experienced financial advisors to help you in getting the best deal. The result of this cooperation is simple and quick process of buying or selling property.

  • We can help with appraisal of the property, approval and documentation process with the bank that will provide not only the best interest rates but also the best conditions.

  • Free consultation with our financial advisors who will be happy to meet you at your home or in HANEX GROUP office.

  • We are interested to sell properties therefore we provide as much as possible services associated with such a transaction. Our goal is satisfied client and therefore we quide them through the process of selling / buying property as much as we can.


We are here for you - do not hesitate to contact us.